About Thomas Bruni: 

My name is Thomas Bruni and I am a 21 year old accounting/finance double major from Long Island, NY. I am currently the author of BruniCharting.com, my main domain, as well as a founding member of DormRoomCapital.com. My primary interest lies in Top-Down Technical Analysis and trading, but I spend a lot of my time exploring other market related concepts including long term investment strategies, personal financial planning, and much more. I spend a good chunk of my free time writing market research, commentary, and learning as much as I can about the business world. It’s my hope that by sharing my thoughts and experiences, I can spark peoples’ interest in financial markets and financial literacy as a whole. Lastly, a quick disclaimer about my writing style on the blog and social media; I tend to be cynical, sarcastic and facetious, but that’s just my personality. Plus you have to admit, some of the stuff that goes on in finance as an industry is quite comical.

What BruniCharting Posts Will Look Like: 

Trading Journal:

I keep a weekly trading journal to track progress, prepare for the trading week, and record observations about the market. By sharing it with you all it will keep me disciplined and allow others to read and learn from my observations. As outlined on my Educational Resources page, I believe a trading journal is a must for anyone looking to learn the financial markets and therefore I will lead by example and post mine weekly.

*I had originally posted daily, but given that my strategy focuses on intermediate and long term themes throughout various markets, I felt that having to write daily commentary shortened my time horizon and caused me to miss big picture moves that were occuring. The addition of shorter term moving averages (10 and 30 period) added more noise than value for me, given my focus on a longer time-frame. Each trader/investor should customize their trading journal to fit their own personal needs.

Actionable Setups: 

These posts will try to highlight good risk-reward setups on micro, intermediate, and macro time frames. It is my hope that by posting setups on a variety of time-frames that I can work on my own TA skills while providing value to an assortment of investors/traders with different goals and objectives. I understand that each person has their own way of defining time-frames, but for the purpose of this blog I will roughly define my time frames in the following way.

Micro: Less than two months.

Intermediate term: Three to six months.

Macro: Over one year.

Educational Resources and Tools:

A portion of this site will be dedicated to explaining common terms and tools used in technical analysis and financial markets in general. Hopefully this will allow people to get a basic understanding about what the financial jargon they hear actually means and will encourage them to go learn more on their own. Additionally, it helps me because I’ve learned over the years that if you can’t explain it to someone in a clear and concise manner, you probably don’t know it well enough yourself.

Personal Finance: These posts will primarily focus on the many parts of the financial planning process. As I learn more about this subject on my own and further develop my own personal financial plan, I will pass along any concepts that I think are important.

Contact Info:

If for any reason you need to contact me, feel free to email me at tom.m.bruni@gmail.com.


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