Goals Update

In early 2015, I set some goals for the year with the largest of them being securing a full-time job for when I graduate next year. Given that I’ve accomplished the majority of those goals, and will be starting full time at Ernst & Young next fall, it’s probably time to update my goal list for the period between now and Oct. ’16.

Professional Licenses: 

  • Pass all parts of the CPA exam
  • Pass the CFA Level I (December ’15) and the CFA Level II (June ’16)
  • Pass the CMT Level I (May ’16)

Markets Related: 

  • Social Media
    • Reach 30k followers on stocktwits (currently at 14.2k)
    • Reach 2k followers on twitter (currently at 820)
    • Combined 30k total page views between DRC and Brunicharting.com (currently at 1.2k/month)
    • Have one piece of content featured on ReformedBrokers “Hot Links” (A stretch goal, I know)
  • Trading
    • Learn more about futures trading and redesign my process around trading futures and ETFs to reduce risks of independence issues while I’m working at EY
      • Begin paper trading to test my process and build confidence with trading new financial instruments
    • Continue to find ways to automate / speed up the weekend analysis process, as well as improve weekly game plans and trade execution
  • Personal Finance:
    • Add a personal finance section to both blogs to teach and promote basic financial literacy / financial planning concepts
  • General knowledge
    • Read one book per week on market related topics
    • Spend one hour per day reading and taking notes on blogs / articles / publications

Career / Personal Finances Related:

  • Find part-time jobs / internships to both further build upon and expand my current skillsets/resume and make some money to pay down 2/3 of student loans
    • Utilize the upcoming tax season to get some tax exposure
  • Networking
    • Attend one networking event per month
    • Continue to utilize LinkedIn and other social media, as well as online databases to connect with professionals to garner advice / feedback  – once per week
  • Continue to build credit and manage access to capital / cash flow
    • Open a few additional credit cards, raise limits on current ones
    • Have access to $15k / a credit score above 750 by Oct. ’16
    • Continue to research ways to reduce taxable income / create passive income
    • Finalize my long term financial plan once my start date gets closer and I have more visibility

Health & Exercise: 

  • Exercise:
    • Strength training / cardiovascular activity 3 days per week – stretching / yoga 2 days per week (yeah, I said yoga)
    • Perform a muscle-up with strict form
    • Perform a handstand pushup
    • Run a 5k
  • Health
    • Get a minimum of 5 hours of sleep per night
    • Track diet and exercise plan through the MyFitnessPal app

I’m sure there will be additions to this as I continue throughout the year, but I think it’s important for everyone to have a general roadmap for where they’d like to be in the future, as well as a plan on how they’re going to get there. I didn’t post it here, but for each of these bullets I have a specific plan or approach that I’m using to meet that goal. Not only does this post serve as a means to keep me accountable, but hopefully it encourages you to create some goals for yourself to tackle in the days/weeks/months/years ahead.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.