Daily Trading Journal 8/18/14

Another gap and go to the upside for the major indices as the QQQs close at new highs and the remainder of the indices closing back above their 10/30 day SMAs. The VIX printed an inside day and the bias remains lower as long as we remain below 13.50. Bonds (TLT) closed down 1% on the day as it closed the gap lower and is pulling back into its 10/30 day SMAs. Global equity markets were largely higher on the day with Poland (EPOL) leading the winners, up 2.46% and GREK (Greece) leading lower, down 1.74%.

Sectors leading to the upside included homebuilders (XHB), steel stocks (SLX), regional banks (KRE), transports (IYT), solar stocks (TAN), retail (XRT), industrials (XLI), and small caps (IWM).

Sectors leading lower included utilities (XLU), social media stocks (SOCL), energy (XLE), telecom services (VOX), semiconductors (SMH), and coal stocks (KOL).
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Daily Trading Journal 8/15/14

Today’s action was choppy, as we had an outside day after a gap up to start the session. Whether it was because of Ukraine / Russia news or OPEX, who really knows, but we closed off the lows and remained above the breakout range and rising 10 day SMA. The bias remains higher until that changes, though I do not expect such an easy move back to the highs. There are some gaps above that price is looking to fill and then how we react to those areas and maintain this upper range will decide whether or not we’ll see new highs. The VIX opened on the lows, on the gap up in the equity indices, and rallied back into a falling 10 day SMA only to close well off the highs, up 6%. I think the bias there remains lower as we broke through support at 13.50 and are back below falling short term moving averages. Bonds (TLT) put in a new high and closed up 1.10% on the day. Bias rmemains higher as it has for months on end now. Global equity markets were mostly down on the day with Turkey (TUR) leading the losers, down 2.16% on the day and Brazil (EWZ), leading the winners, up 2.10% on the day.

Sectors leading to the upside included oil services and energy (OIH, PXJ, XLE), large cap biotech (IBB), semiconductors (SMH), solars (TAN), shippers (SEA), large cap tech (QQQ), and utilities (XLU).

Laggards on the day included gold miners (GDX), retail (XRT), home-builders (XHB), casinos (BJK), coal stocks (KOL), regional banks (KRE), financials (XLF), telecom services (VOX), and industrials (XLI).
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Daily Trading Journal 8/14/14

Another day of upside as the major indices continue to trade between a rising 10 day SMA and a falling 30 day SMA. Last week’s range resolved to the upside, so the bias remains higher until we see a reversal bakc below those levels. Bonds (TLT) continue to make new highs, closing at new highs today. The bias in the bond market remains higher as all the major moving averages are rising and price is trading above them. Global equity markets were mixed on the day with India (EPI), which looks awesome btw, leading by closing up 1.64% and Argentina (ARGT) lagging, down 1.91% on the day.

Sectors leading to the upside included home builders (XHB), large cap biotech (IBB), casinos (BJK), healthcare (XLV), retail (XRT), utilities (XLU), shippers (SEA) and transports (IYT).

Sectors lagging today included oil services and energy (OIH, PXJ, XLE), gold miners (GDX), steel stocks (SLX), regional banks (KRE), reits (IYR), coal stocks (KOL), and basic materials (XLB).
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Daily Trading Journal 8/13/14

Today the major indices got the upside follow through we’ve been waiting for to clear the top of its recent range and close above the 10 day SMA. I’d say the bias is now to the upside as long as we hold above the 10 day SMA and the upper end of the range we just broke out of. The VIX broke through support at 13.50 today, closing down 8.7%. Next support at 12.15 then a gap fill at 11.80. Bonds (TLT) continue to flag above the 10 day SMA, bias remains higher. Global equity markets were mostly higher on the day with Greece (GREK) leading up 3.1% and Brazil (EWZ) leading lower, down 1.45%.

Sectors leading to the upside included solar stocks (TAN), large cap biotech (IBB), shippers (SEA), coal stocks (KOL), aersospace & defense stocks (PPA), reits (IYR), semiconductors (SMH), and healtchare.

Laggards on the day included retail (XRT), telecom (XTL), gold miners (GDX), agriculture stocks (MOO), telecom services (VOX), and oil services and energy (OIH, PXJ, XLE).
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Daily Trading Journal 8/12/14

Choppy day of trading in the major indices as we filled yesterday’s gap up and closed near the flatline in all but the Russell 2000, which closed down .70% on the day. We remain in this choppy, not much to do range as a lot of stocks are trying to base and set up again for more sustainable moves. Maybe we correct through time as we remain rangebound but I’d say that the major indices are pretty non-directional here until we can break back above the 30 day SMA or break the recent lows and see further downside. The VIX printed an inside day and remains above in its 13.50-17.50 range. Bonds (TLT) saw some downside follow through after last week’s reversal from new highs. Support 114 and 112.75. Bias remains higher in the intermediate term above rising moving averages. Global equity markets were mixed on the day with Greece (GREK) leading to the upside up 2.45% and Norway (ENOR) leading lower, down 1.56% on the day.

Sectors leading today included hold miners (GDX), basic materials (XLB), social media stocks (SOCL), telecom services (VOX), financials (XLF), telecom (XTL), and large caps (DIA, QQQ).

Sectors lagging on the day included solars (TAN)< home builders (XHB), retail (XRT), energy and oil services (XLE, OIH, PXJ) coal stocks (KOL), small caps (IWM)< large cap biotech (IBB), and mid caps (MDY).
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